Itinerary to your translation
Please send me the text that needs to be translated via e-mail stating the language pair, purpose and intended use of translation, the desired date of delivery etc. I will be more than happy to provide you with a free cost estimate. Once we have reached an agreement, I will ask you to provide me with any glossaries, previous translations, parallel texts etc., you may have. Please also state a contact person for possible queries. I will send you the completed translation at the agreed delivery date via e-mail (if desired also via a different route).

What skills do translators have?
Translators enable communication both between languages and cultures. In order to understand a foreign text, knowing the foreign culture is almost more important than knowing its language. This makes translators not only language experts, but also versed authorities on their working languages’ cultures. Their education, experience, well-rounded and diverse general knowledge together with their specific culture competence enable them to translate a text from one language (source language) into another language (target language) in such a way that the translation is understood in the target culture in the same way as the original text. In their work, translators take particular consideration of the function and purpose of a source text and (re)create both of these elements as required in the target language. Translators know that freeing themselves from the structures in their mother tongue is necessary to immerse themselves in the respective foreign language and mentality.

What makes a translator a professional one?
Professional translators recognise the factors which determine whether a text is ideally understood by a target culture. They only take on assignments they can carry out properly. They reflect thoroughly on which translation strategy to apply in order to obtain optimum results. In doing so, their competence and knowledge guide them at every stage of the translation process.

A word on terminology
Translators have the ability to read up on new fields of study and terminologies within a very short time. An indispensable part of this research involves the process of asking questions. In dialogue with their clients, translators make sure that they have fully understood the source text. This method is absolutely key to ensuring the production of translations that meet the highest quality standards.